Old Habits Don’t Die So Hard

I must confess that lately, at the very least once a day, my newlywed bliss is disrupted by a tiny oversight that really grinds Kurt’s gears: Lifted toilet lids. From the time we moved into our house up until a few months ago, our toilets were plagued with unsightly rings of scum. Despite our repeated, vigorous attempts to  remove the rings with the scrubber brush, they would not budge . . . . until Kurt had the brilliant idea to attack them with fine-grained sandpaper. Since then, and thanks to google, we’ve learned that closing the toilet lid prevents formation of the formidable scum.  Naturally, we vowed to never leave the toilet lid ajar ‘til death do us part.  Ever since, Kurt has remained true to his vow. And moi? Not really. I chalk it up to 28 (minus 2) years of rote “business” making. The thoughts of it go unthunk including thoughts of lid placement.  I guess you really can’t teach a (not that) old dog new tricks.

bucket of buckets

I tell you this story because last week another old habit reared its ugly head: The Star-“buckets” meal replacement.   Back up about three and a half year ago before I made a commitment to nourishing myself with healthy and whole foods, I was a second year law student who subsisted primarily on hot pockets, gummy peach candy, and buckets but mostly the buckets. More often than I’d like to admit, I’d have buckets for one or two of my meals especially during the stress of finals.  This was before I appreciated how a healthy body better copes with stressful situations (fortunately I learned that in time for the bar exam).  Yet, last week I found myself calling upon iced venti skinny vanilla lattes (gasp! fake sugar!) and not much else to get me through rough, very long (20 hour back-to-back) workdays.  Sure, I’m a bit disappointed in myself, but it is what it is. It was a rough week. While this habit has been dead for so long… it didn’t die so hard, and I am ok with that every now and then.


One thought on “Old Habits Don’t Die So Hard

  1. Kiri W. says:

    I can relate – I have some nasty habits that will rear their head every once in a while when I thought I was done with them for sure. Just keep fighting them – I know you’ll succeed 🙂

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