Fabulous Favor and Other Things I’m Loving Right Now

Yesterday, I had the chance to shower a very special woman with plenty of happiness. Linda is Kurt’s friend from college and boy does he know how to pick them. She’s bubbly, fun, and oh-so-stylish. Even better, she is marrying Kurt’s other college buddy, Steve.  In fact, Kurt introduced the happy couple, so we’re taking their engagement, wedding, and everything in between very seriously.

What made the shower extra-special was that it was at the restaurant where Linda worked in high school as a hostess. It was her very first job and her family is close friends with the owners. Good thing I have nothing but great things to say about the food… and there was plenty of it. I present to you Chinese deliciousness:

What made the shower extra-extra-special was the favor: A book of all recipes near and dear to Linda’s family from Aunt Carole’s Crisp Sugar Cookies to Nanny’s Banana Bread (courtesy of Cousin Johanna).

Feat. A Beauteous Photo of 7-Year-Old Linda

What a great idea! Congrats, Linda! I can’t wait to try the recipes and really, really can’t wait to see you walk down the aisle!

Here are some other things that I’m loving right now:

Sinful Colors Nail Polish

I bought this color only because it's called "Unicorn"

Nobody puts hot pink nails in the corner. (RIPPS #sadface)

A gagillion gorgeous colors and $1.99 a bottle? Yes! Lasts for a week without chipping? You have to be kidding me! You’re not? Ok, I’ll obsessively purchase every color including two blues that are so similar but one has a hint of sparkle and the other does not but I can buy both anyways because it’s less than two bucks a bottle. Run-on sentences aside, I am obsessed.

Yes, that is Dirty Dancing in the background. It’s my favorite movie. I can recite the whole thing start to finish. My freshman year of college I didn’t have cable (or basic cable). I had a TV and a DVD player and a very limited supply of DVDs. Consequentially, I watched Dirty Dancing more than a few times a week, and was A OK with that.

High Waisted Jeans

I bought these from the Victoria’s Secrets catalogue. I think they are very flattering but I am still trying to figure out what tops with which to wear them. I have a black cropped tie-front, button-down blouse that works. I’ll probably also wear this with solid tanks tucked-in. I don’t love the shirt the model is wearing. I mean she looks great (because she is a model) but it’s just not my style. Any suggestions?

Chicken Rice with Garlic Yogurt

chicken with rice makes a boring picture so here's some bunny and puppy cuteness. collective awwww.

Since poor Kurt was sick last week it was Nurse FreshMutz to the rescue. On his wish-list were Mom’s chicken soup (chicken broth and vermicelli) and chicken rice with garlic yogurt. This dish is super simple and super scrummy. Boiled chicken pieces, buttered rice, topped with yogurt mixed with minced garlic. The first night we had it, we didn’t have yogurt and used goat’s milk kefir instead, which was also great.

My New Glasses

I saw. I loved. I bought. That’s the glorious bride-to-be, Linda, beside yours truly. On another note: I barely wear my hair up because I have a wacky hair line. I’ll deal with it. Back to the glasses: “Don’t they make me look smarter?” (“Nah, we can still see your face.”) Name that movie quote: Grease. That’s my second-favorite movie. When I was a tyke, it was my first favorite movie and I rented it so often that the movie rental guy gave it to me. Joy!!!

So tell me: What are you loving right now?


4 thoughts on “Fabulous Favor and Other Things I’m Loving Right Now

  1. Linda says:

    I am loving you right now Val!!! I am honored to be in your blog. You are the best!!

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