Stress Gives You Wrinkles

“We often hear of people breaking down from overwork, but in nine out of ten they are really suffering from worry or anxiety.” -John Lubbock

Just when the hibernators come out to play, FreshMutz went into hibernation. By “hibernation,” I mean cooped up beside a desk littered with to-do lists dying to be done. I spent the little free time that I’ve had enjoying the sunshine with my sweetheart and friends. Prone to anxiety, I’ve found that these tips allow me to tackle the to-dos without overdoing the stress.

           1.     Prioritize. Sometimes, I have to accept that Rome wasn’t built in a day and, likewise, lesser feats can’t be accomplished in a workday. Every morning, I spend the first few minutes when I get into the office determining my order of operations for the day.  I also decide what needs to be done that day and what can be held off for the next.

            2.     Exercise. If you have a few minutes, spend it moving and get those feel-good chemicals going. I can’t think of better stress-relief than jumping on my mini-trampoline or a quick jog. However, don’t fret if you can’t squeeze it in. I’ve had bouts of obsessing over my daily cardio and found myself, at times, squeezing it in at midnight which is admittedly wacky.  Truthfully, I began to stress when I couldn’t find the time to workout which was counter-productive.

           3.     Meal Plan. It goes without saying in these parts, I make sure to fuel my body with the right balance of complex carbs, fruits and vegetables and proteins. With proper planning, a delicious meal can be assembled in a few minutes. When an extra-busy week is on the horizon, I’ll make a soup, a whole chicken, and a weeks worth of rice or quinoa. I’ll also be sure to stock up on pre-washed baby spinach for swift lunch salad preparation.

           4.     Take a break. When you know you’re in it for the long haul and facing a 12 + hour day, be sure to take a few ten minute breaks. Read an article, peruse the internet, go for a coffee run; whatever floats your boat but whatever you do, step away from the work. I’ve found that this really helps to break up my day so that I don’t feel chained to my desk.

           5.     Plan something fun. If you’re in the middle of an especially arduous project, give yourself something to look forward to when your project is completed. A few weeks ago, I faced back-to-back all-nighters. I booked a massage and facial for the weekend and, when the going got tough, I had my eye on the prize.

… and when all else fails, take a look at this:



I can’t look at this photo without getting giddy. Kid’s got swagger.

Tell me, how do you tackle lengthy to-dos?


2 thoughts on “Stress Gives You Wrinkles

  1. Ahh love the picture!!!!
    I definitely engage in #2 to ease stress. Exercise is the perfect way to get your mind off work for a bit, rejuvenate, and refocus.

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