Marry Me

A year ago today, the sweetest man asked me to marry him.  He took me to the overlook in Weehawken on a sunny Sunday afternoon. As we enjoyed the view of the New York City skyline and talked about our future together, I was surprised by an acoustic serenade of Train’s “Marry me.” The crooner was Kurt’s very talented friend and beside him sat his then-girlfriend, now-fiance with a video camera.  Kurt dropped to his knee, presented me with a gorgeous cushion cut solitaire, and asked me the easiest question I ever answered, “Will you marry me?”  Through my uncontrollable giggles, I said “Yes… Yes…”

The whirlwind year that followed will forever be a reminder that with love the sum is greater than its parts.

I love you, Kurt.


6 thoughts on “Marry Me

  1. You were serenaded! Too cute!
    And that’s such a great picture of you two.

  2. susan says:

    I love that last clip w/ the car commercial!

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